Counselling and Psychotherapy

Why choose counselling/psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy and counselling can help you live a more fulfilled and resourceful life by providing a space for reflection and development. This space can help you to address and resolve specific problems, make decisions, cope with crisis, and improve relationships.

We feel passionate about our work as counsellors, supervisors and trainers.  We have had lots of positive feedback from our clients who have reported many ways that counselling has helped them: hugely improved self esteem and self belief, a positive change in mental health, better relationships with others and enhanced work performance.

Our approach

A key aspect of our approach is the idea that we are able to change our perceptions of the world, that we can always find alternatives to the ways that we view life. Therapy is a process of personal growth, a way of moving on with life, finding healing, exploring meaning, and experimenting with new ways of being in the world. We are trained in a wide range of well established counselling theories and work integratively, tailoring how we work to each client, drawing on different theories to respond to clients’ differing needs.

For children, therapy happens in the context of play and there may be suggestions offered to parents and carers to implement at home based on what has arisen in the course of the child’s therapy.

We believe that the quality of relationship between therapist and client is imperative to the effectiveness of counselling.  The relationship that develops between client and therapist is at the core of how we practice.   Honesty, trust, respect, understanding and empathy underpin our work.  For us, a crucially important task in counselling is to offer a safe space where a person feels nurtured, well supported, able to take risks, where growth and development is possible and an individual feels secure enough to get in touch with more vulnerable parts of themselves.

First Session

For Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy we use the first session to find out more about you and explore what has led you to seek out counselling, what you would like from counselling, and whether we can meet your needs. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the counselling process or how we work. Don’t worry if you’re not entirely sure of the reasons you want to come to counselling; we can explore these together.

A client once said that finding the right counsellor is like trying on shoes! You have try on a few before you find one that fits. It’s really important that you feel happy to work with your chosen counsellor. There is no obligation for you to return after the first introductory session.

Frequency of Counselling

This can be discussed and agreed at your first session. Most clients find counselling works best if they attend weekly although fortnightly appointments are also available.

Availability of Appointments

We work flexibly and offer appointments in the daytime and evenings Monday to Friday.