Who does us good?

We all have limited amounts of energy and when we’re facing challenges in our circumstances or wellbeing we may find a lot of our energy gets taken up with just getting through the day. So, when we think of those people we spend time with regularly, it can be helpful to be aware of who gives us energy and who drains us. It may be that some friends or relatives have a beneficial impact on us ; we leave their company recharged and with energy and drive to face difficulties. Others meanwhile may sap our energy leaving us feeling worse.

Through increasing our self-awareness we may notice who drains us and who gives us energy by their presence or how they are with us. The next step is considering whether we want to change who we see and how often we see them.

Spending more time with those who do us good can give us the support we need to grow. Putting boundaries in place that limit the time we spend with those who drain us can be difficult, but important if we are to prioritise our wellbeing. If we don’t pay attention and act on our awareness of who boosts our energy and who diminishes it, we can make it harder for ourselves to progress and to thrive.

For us to flourish we may need to consider who does us good, who doesn’t and act on our insights.

Photo: Nathan Anderson unsplash.com