At Christmas…

If we are finding living difficult, Christmas can be hard. It can seem as if everyone else is having a wonderful time and has no problems…though the reality may be far from this. We may feel very lonely or conscious that our struggles don’t just disappear because it’s Christmas.

The Chaplaincy at the University of Edinburgh which serves people of any faith and none has produced a series of podcasts on different aspects of wellbeing including anxiety, depression and leaning in, grief, loss and appreciation. They are designed for anyone, not only students may find them helpful. Called ‘Let’s Talk’ they can be found here

The Chaplaincy describe them here:

When we are struggling with our mental health, we will often think that no one else is feeling the same thing. It can be a huge relief to discover that you are not alone in these struggles. 

The Let’s Talk podcast is a new series bringing together different members of the University community to have honest and thought-provoking conversations about mental health. Each episode is hosted by our Chaplain, Harriet Harris, and features discussions between students and staff talking about a range of mental health topics, from loneliness and depression to imposter syndrome and a fear of failure. 

These are serious topics with lots of space to grow understanding – and with lots of laughter along the way too!

If we are finding this season hard, looking after ourselves by trying to sleep well, eat well and getting out in the daylight will all help. Perhaps too, it would be helpful to listen to a podcast and hear how others have lived with their struggles and found ways forward. In the new year counselling appointments will again be offered and can provide a space in which to grow in self-awareness, and find healing and hope for the year ahead.

May this season and 2020 hold good things for you and all whom you love.

Photo by unsplash