Increasing self-care

Do you want to see changes in your life? Have you made any resolutions to try and help that happen? A new year or a birthday can be a time of making resolutions. Resolutions that we hope will make a positive difference in our lives. It can be easy to get discouraged as the weeks go by if we don’t manage to do what we’d hoped. However any positive change we can make, however small, is valuable.

Some people look for a therapist at these points and therapy can provide an ideal environment for us to change and develop. Whether in therapy or not there are areas we can focus resolutions on which will always do us good.

One of these is self-care. Any increases in our self-care will be beneficial. A focus on self-care can mean many different things according to our unique situation and what resources we have to help us achieve this.

Any gains in our self-care will help us develop resilience which can equip us to deal with challenges we may face going forward….Are you interested in increasing your self-care? How might you better support yourself?

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash