The value of sleep

Do you get enough sleep?

It can be easy for us to get into habits that get in the way of us getting the sleep we need. Sleep gives our body and mind the chance to replenish itself. Through our dreams we may process experiences. Parts of us that need repairing can be attended to by our bodies own capacity for healing as we sleep.

At this time of year we may feel our energy is low. In the northern hemisphere, the days are short with little daylight. It can be really important to get what daylight we can preferably when it’s lightest. A lunchtime walk can do us good in the daytime and make it easier for us to sleep at night.

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Establishing a good sleep pattern can really benefit us but there can be hurdles to overcome before we mange this. Getting into a routine of winding down before going to bed can help. Having something calming to listen to if we do wake up in the night and need help to get back off to sleep can be useful.

It may be anxiety that is keeping us awake. If so, it can be of benefit to talk over how we are with a counsellor. We may find relief, peace or the strength to work through longer term issues that have held us back for too long. If your worries are keeping you awake we welcome you to contact us and try a therapy session. You can judge the benefits for yourself.